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WIN 300 USD!!!


Win $300 playing with us on server opening day



Be the first to reach the maximum level - 1200 and receive 300 USD



1.The event starts with the start of the server

(START 02 APRIL - 15:00 - server time)


2.The event ends when the player reaches level 1200

3.Only the first player to reach the maximum level of 1200 wins

4.Only one player wins

(the exact date and time of reaching level 1200 will be displayed, see the image below)

5. Several people can play on one account

6. Banning a player means removing them from the event

7. Receipt of the prize via PayPal (between F&F) - only

8. During the event, the Level Event will be launched for review

9. Only normal experience is taken into account. (lvl 1200)

Mastery experience is not counted

10. The event is also attended by a player with a VIP account

11. PK is server-wide allowed

12. The player wins the reward when he appears in the ranking on the site


Posted by MU FUN, 30.3.2023