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How to use items stack?



How to edit/add points?



How to open a personal store?



 How to use exchange system



How to use the level type?





Create wings 4lvl


All parts wings 4lvl are located in the Swamp of Peace


Creating Garuda's Feather


- 3rd Wings +13 or higher and with Option 4 or higher

- Greater Spirit Stone 

- Jewel of Chaos Bundle (x30)

- Bundle of Jewel of Soul (x30)

- Bundle of Jewel of Bless (x30)

Succes Garuda's Feather


Create wings 4 lvl



Create wings 2,5 lvl



King Bone Death (drop in Dungeon from the Dark Knight)

Leather Hell Maine (drop in Aida from the Hell Maine)

Phoenix of Flame (drop in Icarus from the Phoenix of Darkness).

Death Beam Knight Soul (drop in Tarkan from the Death Beam Knight





 What are they for?

After logging into your account (WEBISTE) - Enter the GOBLIN SHOP


1. Log in to your account

2. Enter the GOBLIN SHOP

3. Click any item

4. Configure the item and BUY it!

(Max. 3 options and +15)



Where to find GOBLIN POINTS

In Wbiste

Vote Reward - 50-100 GP

Exchange System - Jewels and Box of Kundun 

  Invite Frends


In game

BC -50 GP

DS - 50/100 GP

CC - 50/100/150 GP

Battle Royale - 500 GP

GvG Event - 500 GP

IT - 50/100/250 GP

TvT Event - 500 GP

PK - Kill/Death-  20 GP / -20 GP

Events Stremers and GM 



 Every day at 12:00 (server time) there is an auction where you can win a "GM Box"

 Drop from GM Box - Drop From Balggas - Erohim - Medusa - Dark Elf

(Detailed information on what drops from BOSS - Info)

The auction takes place every 24 hours

Auction currency - Goblin Points(GP)

The bidding system starts at 500 GP

(500,1000,1500,2000 etc...)

Your bid is the highest?

You have to wait 2 minutes to win the bid!


See the guide below on how the auction works




   /move - Move to a map

   /post - Post a message in global chat

/addstr - Add points in Str

/addagi - Add points in Agi

/addvit - Add points in Vit

/addene - Add points in Ene

/addcmd - Add points in Com

/pkclear - Clear PK

/war - Challenge another guild

/soccer - Challenge another guild to battle soccer

/marry - Marry to a player

/setparty - Create a new password party

/joinparty - Join the password party



The only currency that is payable is WCoins


Only FLAGS / SKINS /  can be purchased!



The rest is under construction